Get inspired by other manufacturers who work with TANIQ

The motivations from manufacturers of reinforced rubber products to work with TANIQ and their experiences about the cooperation are very valuable and give us the insight how we can improve these aspects in future projects. We believe that only through close cooperation and shared goals between the parties involved, the right synergy can be created to make these developments successful.


"At Trelleborg we always pride ourselves on continuously improving the quality and consistency of our fiber-reinforced infrastructure products. In a single project, Trelleborg and TANIQ have completely overhauled a production concept. TANIQ's method simply is putting bright minds of both parties and groundbreaking technology together in a creative, but disciplined process. This has lead to an exciting and fast-pace innovation." For more in-depth information you can read the European Rubber Journal article (December 2011), in which Trelleborg explains why they have invested in TANIQ's technology and give their vision on it's game changing character.

Peter Stello, Director Trelleborg PA-Infrastructure.

Trelleborg Infrastructure is a global developer and manufacturer of engineered rubber solutions for several infrastructure markets, including civil engineering, dredging and energy. The company is the global market leader for sealing systems for tunnels. Its product range also includes antivibration and noise isolation bearings as well as dredging hoses. All products are designed and manufactured in the company's facilities in Ridderkerk (its head quarters) and Ede in the Netherlands, and in Qingdao, China.


Continental contitech logo 400x105.png
"For us the main objectives of the development with TANIQ are that ContiTech is always looking for alternatives to current serial productions that are promising to achieve a highly engineered process. TANIQ's technology offers opportunities for FEA-supported solutions which can enhance the performance of the product, improve the production process and can minimise cost and labour. The main target with this technology is the 'online' production of green hoses using special design- and FEA-software which is coupled to a fully automated production process. ContiTech has many years of experience and expertise on hose making, while TANIQ is specialized in optimal fibre reinforcement. Now together we can combine our expertises to develop new products/production processes. One of the advantages of working with TANIQ is that they are eager to work fast and are able to make quick decisions."


The ContiTech Group is an independent division of Continental AG, comprising 7 specialized operative business units. ContiTech is a specialist for rubber and plastics technology. With its high-tech products and systems, ContiTech is a development partner and original equipment manufacturer for the automotive industry and many other industries throughout the world.


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"Together with TANIQ we are now developing new applications for the dredging industry. Using their special fibre reinforcement technology enables us to offer our customers innovative products with additional functionalities. As technology innovator, IHC Merwede is always looking for the latest technology to stay ahead of competition."

Hasan H. Bugdayci, Program Manager R&D, IHC Parts & Services.

IHC Merwede focuses on the dredging industry, marine industry and foundation industry. In the dredging industry IHC Merwede has been designing and building dredging systems since early in the nineteenth century. For many of the last decades it has been the largest dredger builder in the world. And still is. IHC Parts & Services is the division of IHC Merwede which is responsible for the supply of all original equipment for new build projects, replacement parts for vessels at work and specialist services necessary for maximum output.

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"My wife was always complaining that I could not bring home a decent garden hose. Seeing the garden hoses that were available, I knew the market needed a better product. We began working on prototypes to develop the perfect garden hose. I took our thoughts and ideas and presented these to TANIQ. Through their contributions, and expertise, we worked together on designing the Perfect Garden Hose using special reinforcement techniques. Together with TANIQ we quickly prototyped and began production. Now the product is in the stores and my wife is happy."

Jay Bernhardt, owner JGB Enterprises Inc.

Since 1977, JGB has been a leading supplier of hoses and hose assemblies for commercial and military applications throughout the world, with an annual turnover of over €105 Million.


John Custers, Owner and Director, Lansas NL & RioTech

Lansas is a renown manufacturer of pipe-plugs from the Netherlands, known for their plugs with thick rubber cover layer providing increased durability. Through the automated design and production systems provided by TANIQ, we are able to scale-up our production while guaranteeing a continuous high quality. Furthermore, the digital design and simulation software enables to develop custom solutions for our customers in less time and costs.


Patrice Fort, Manager R&D, Anvis Industry France

Anvis, part of the Sumitomo Riko Group, manufactures and sells rubber anti-vibration solutions for railway, energy, water, military and all other industrial applications. Anvis' high-quality Dilatoflex expansion joints are the preferred product in demanding applications worlwide, such as the power-, chemical- and nuclear industry. With their investment in software and robotics they havecreated a technology platform for a future generation of expansion joint technology.