Benefit from the expertise of our development partners

TANIQ is specialized in optimization and automation of design and production for reinforced rubber products. To develop the best technology and solutions for our customers we strongly believe in cooperation and participation. Therefore, we closely cooperate with our customers, suppliers and research institutes like Delft University of Technology.


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"Imagine that various industries are completely high-tech, but rubber products such as hoses practically have the same construction as 20 years ago. The industry is now using tricks and more expensive high performance materials attempting to reach the increasing demands. With Taniq's fibre architecture it is possible to increase the flexibility while also reaching the other demands. Taniq follows a revolutionary approach in an evolutionary market. Therefore Taniq can be seen as a pioneering company which will enable other companies to take a lead in their market segment. Taniq is a spin off from our Aerospace Composite Structures group and now benefits from 35 years of scientific research in this area. It is all about participation: join new developments now to eventually share in the success together."

Prof. ir. Adriaan Beukers, Head of Design and Production of Composite Structures, Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology.

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"Our world is the world of aramid. A world of high performance fibers used in a broad range of applications where optimal performance requires a combination of high strength, durability, safety and/or low weight. TANIQ's products offer a unique opportunity to maximize the potential of our aramid fibers. Therefore we are very excited to be a key partner in their product development, of what we believe will lead to new cost-competitive products with outstanding performance. We support TANIQ and look forward to working together over the coming years."

Michel Dupont, Business Manager Elastomer Reinfocements Teijin Aramid.

"Based on our knowledge in the realities, conditions and requirements in various industries MOTOMAN provides innovative and reliable solutions for improving productivity. However, we also realise that each business is different. That is why we work with a network of system integrators and other partners to customize our solutions to your business needs. TANIQ offers a high level of production automation for reinforced rubber products. We are very pleased to support TANIQ as their partner in robot solutions. We are looking forward to continuing our successful cooperation and are very satisfied with our first project we successfully completed together."

Eddie Mennen, Managing Director, MOTOMAN Benelux

"KUKA concentrates on automation projects with industrial robots. We supply the equipment and give complete support during projects. We know that TANIQ's production process is very suitable for a high level of automation. By manufacturing their improved products using our robotic equipment they are capable of offering the production techniques needed to be competitive in the western world today. Hence we are enthusiastic to support TANIQ as their partner in the production design. We look forward to continuing our successful cooperation."

Lambert Bettonville, President, KUKA Automatisering + Robots N.V.