Optimised garden hose or petrol drop hose

Using TANIQ's optimised reinforcement structures, small elastomer hoses have been optimised with the help of an plastic spiral. This plastic spiral ensures form-rigidity and blockage-free operation as well as a significant structural performance improvement. The technology has been applied to garden hoses, however more applications could benefit from the technology. Therefore, in addition to robotic winded cord structures, TANIQ has researched, developed and tested the use of additional reinforcement spirals for elastomer hoses and include the strength of the plastic spiral in the structure design algorithms.   



Flexible garden hose

TUFF GUARD, the perfect water hose designed by TANIQ for JGB Enterprises is now available on the US market. The TUFF GUARD has a unique design which makes the hose crush free and kink free!

In 2009 Jay Bernhardt, owner of JGB Enterprises, leading supplier of hoses and hose assemblies for commercial and military applications throughout the world, approached TANIQ to design a perfect water hose. Together with JGB, TANIQ developed a unique hose design which is truly kink free. The hose design was finalized in cooperation with a US hose manufacturer, who now is manufacturing the hose in the US using a patented production process.