Optimised Rubber Lift Bags

Scorpo rubber lift bags are designed according to TANIQ's optimisation pinciples and manufactured using the Scorpo Robotics automation system. As a result of this technology, rubber and reinforcement layers are integrally applied in a continuous process. The result is a rubber lift bag with a more efficient reinforcement construction, faster production, high consistency and lower costs.



Scorpo lift bags automated production

The overall design of the Scorpo lift bags is similar to generally known designs, with a inner rubber liner, rubberised reinforcement layers and outer rubber layer. A distinct difference is however, that the reinforcement layers are constructed of individual cords which are integrally wound on the product body in a continuous fashion. Due to individual cord design and placement,  the product consists of the exact required amount of cords in each layer.  The cord structure is designed using algorithms in TANIQ's Design Software. This results in a highly efficient and consistent reinforcement construction, without any seams from overlapping plies and elimination of the negative effects of ply-ends. Moreover, the more efficient use of materials makes it possible to reduce the material required without compromising the product's quality, performance, durability or life-span.


Historically, these processes are manual, relying heavily on skill and extensive experience. This introduces multiple areas of production risk. Firstly, manual material application can result in inconsistency and inaccurate placement of reinforcements as the operator varies the amount and orientation of the reinforcement-sheets. Secondly, the cords in the sheets cannot correctly be aligned with the stresses, wherefore additional reinforcement material is required. Most important of all, production speed is limited by human capabilities and requires extensive training and product knowledge. All these risks are eliminated using TANIQ's approach.


Manufacturers using TANIQ's Lift bag technology