SEPTEMBER 2011 - Trelleborg chooses TANIQ technology

To keep the lead in the manufacturing of high performance rubber goods Trelleborg is always on the lookout for value adding technology. A few years ago TANIQ was approached by Trelleborg, after which a couple of successful product developments followed. During this period TANIQ has customized their technology for Trelleborg's design and production processes. By using these dedicated solutions Trelleborg can create new product designs and production processes that could not be realized before. Recently, Trelleborg invested in software and robotic equipment from TANIQ for their new manufacturing process. Read more about this in the European Rubber Journal article: Trelleborg invests in TANIQ technology
Since begin 2011 TANIQ has started with the development of software and equipment for various applications. Besides the smart reinforcement technology it involves the high speed and accurate placement of all materials using robotic equipment. This makes it possible to assist product manufacturers with (re)designing their product and production process using TANIQ's technology. Working with a leading manufacturer as Trelleborg enables TANIQ to perform on the highest level. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your products.