MAY 2016 - TANIQ 10 year anniversary

TANIQ started 10 years ago with Technology to optimize cord reinforcement structures. Since then we have learned a great deal about the design and production of reinforced rubber products, from small size turbo hoses for trucks to heavy multi-layer dredge-/ mining-/ marine-/ discharge-hoses. Today, we use all our technology and experience to assist manufacturers with developing better products, and automating their design and production processes using smart software and flexible robotics. We have successfully applied our technology to Lifting-bags, Pipe-plugs, Expansion joints, various Hoses and are working on many other Applications together with our customers in different industries worldwide. The first ten years have been a great journey with many challenges and successes. Together with our customers we have been changing traditional methods.

TANIQ spins-off from Aerospace Faculty

TANIQ started in 2006 as a spin-off company from the Aerospace Faculty of Delft University of Technology. Focusing on optimum reinforcement structure calculation and automated cord winding using aerospace engineering principles, applied to rubber products.

TANIQ develops first cord winding robot in the industry

TANIQ was the first company in the industry to program an industrial KUKA robot for 6 degrees-of-freedom cord winding.

TANIQ starts projects with ContiTech & Trelleborg

Searching for the Applications which can benefit most from the Technology developed, TANIQ started development projects with large international rubber companies like ContiTech and Trelleborg. 

First Scorpo Robotics installed in USA

In 2009 the first robotic system was installed at a US manufacturer. The system was developed for winding of reinforcement layers on complex shapes.

Expansion to larger facility

To facilitate the new robotic setups and growing team, TANIQ moved from the University Incubator YESDelft to their own new building in Rotterdam.

Adding robotic rubber & tape winding

By adding Technology for automated winding of rubber strips and pressure tapes all material layers can now be automatically applied by the robot.

Custom design software for manufacturers

With this software manufacturers get access to TANIQ Technology and are no longer depending on TANIQ for making new designs.

First Scorpo Robotics GEMINI delivered

This Gemini was our first robot winding all material layers (cords, rubber strips and tape). With two work stations (both sides of the robot) the Gemini offered increased robot capacity. The robot is successfully being used by Trelleborg since 2011.

TANIQ Wind Software Next Level

TANIQ’s software engineers rewrote the entire design software, making it faster, more robust and increasing its functions. Thenew design software also makes it easier to provide updates and (remote) assistance to our customers worldwide.

First VIRGO type Scorpo Robotics delivered

The first VIRGO robot cell was delivered in 2011, and is a type developed for manufacturing of Pipe-plugs, Expansion joints and other ‘medium’ size reinforced rubber products.

TANIQ’s own FEA Toolbox

TANIQ developed and validated their own FEA Toolbox, dedicated to TANIQ’s winding technology. The unique consistency between the design made with the software and the actual product provides increased reliability of the FEA results. As a result new designs can be analysed in a digital environment, thereby significantly reducing prototype development and testing costs.

First Scorpo Robotics for large diameter hoses (L12m, Ø1.5m)

In 2016 TANIQ has delivered the first Taurus robot cell, developed for automated manufacturing of large diameter hoses for dredging, mining and marine applications. New features are automated, such as cutting/attaching of rubber and rewinding option for the wrapping tape.


We believe that the design of many (mandrel-built) reinforced rubber products can be improved by better engineered reinforcement structures. Furthermore, we believe that their design and production (despite of the many custom designs and small volumes) can be efficiently automated using smart and user friendly design software, coupled to flexible robotic systems. We have already successfully assisted manufacturers of lifting bags, pipe-plugs, expansion joints and various hose types. Our goal is to grow our technology in those markets and become a global standard. Furthermore, we are working hard with manufacturers to also launch our Technology in new Applications, which can be expected in the next years.