September 2016 -TANIQ adds FEA Studies to portfolio

Many manufacturers are interested in using FEA to analyze and improve their products, but don’t have the required expertise in-house. TANIQ has used their expertise of rubber, reinforcement layers and FEA modelling to developed a FEA Toolbox especially for reinforced rubber products. Using FEA instead of, or before developing and testing of prototypes saves significant R&D costs. Ultimately, this creates new possibilities to improve your product performance and quality. Typical load cases for reinforced rubber products are:

  • Burst pressure prediction 
  • Damage propagation
  • Analysis of (local) stress concentrations
  • Stiffness responses/ load displacement curves
  • Failure mode prediction
  • Maximum movement capacity (axial compression/elongation, lateral deformation)
  • Surface sealing (e.g. leakage)
  • Buckling

Interested to analyze and improve your product?

TANIQ has successfully modelled and analyzed various reinforced rubber applications, saving our customers significant time and costs in prototyping and testing, and providing them with high-quality FEA reports.Together we can look into possibilities to use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for improving your product(s). Costs of an FEA Study depend on the complexity of the model(s), the number of load cases, the required iterations, etc. TANIQ's fees for FEA Studies are:

  • modelling hours at €165/hr (price per hour for modelling your product and load cases using our FEA Toolbox)
  • running hours at €55/hr (price per hour for running the load cases in Abaqus)
  • engineering hours at €110/hr (price per hour for general engineering work)