Testing of reinforced rubber prototypes

As a result of the extensive development of reinforced rubber products, TANIQ has many years of experience with prototyping and testing. Typical tests that are executed are: burst pressure tests at different restricted build-in lengths, measurement of radial and axial deformations at different pressures, axial and lateral dynamic testing and force-stroke measurements (for actuators). TANIQ has testing facilities in Rotterdam for doing basic testing. In addition, the FEA Toolbox enables accurate products analysis and product testing. Furthermore, most manufacturers test their prototypes at their own test equipment to benchmark the results against their other products.



Burst pressure testing

TANIQ can accurately calculate the required number of cords to obtain a given burst pressure. With a burst pressure test these calculations are validated. Burst pressure tests can be executed unrestricted or restricted at different lengths. TANIQ has the facilities to execute burst tests up to 100 bar.


Dynamic cycle testing 

To predict a product's performance over its lifetime dynamic life cycle test are developed that simulate the forces and movements applied during the intended product life-time. Typical tests are lateral and axial dynamic tests whereby the product is moved in plus and minus directions with a predetermined amplitude for a high number of cycles (e.g. 1 Million cycles) while pressurized at working pressure. The product design is validated by its performance during the tests itself and tests (e.g. burst pressure test) afterwards. TANIQ has vast experience with dynamic testing of turbo hoses and expansion joints. Products manufactured with TANIQ's technology have succesfully been tested at some of the industries' highest performance requirements. Expansion joints have been tested after 1 million lateral and axial movement cycles with minimal performance degredation.


Expansion ratio testing 

By accurately controlling the cord winding angles TANIQ is able to control a product's expansion behaviour. This knowledge is for instance used in the pipe-plug design. Winding the cords of the deflated plug with low winding angles, will result in radial expansion (and axial compression) during pressurization, such that it seals against the pipe's inner wall and closes of the pipe. Other applications that TANIQ has tested are pneumatic muscles and actuators.