Individual reinforcement cords 

TANIQ has extensive experience with a large range of reinforcement materials and their properties. Replacing conventional reinforcement material (sheet/fabric and metal wires) with individual cords is required to use TANIQ's technology. Therefore, a part of product optimisation is finding the best cords for your products' performance, behaviour and rubber-to-cord adhesion. Continues research is performed on load-absorption, stress-resistance, abration-resistence, performance degredation by vulcanisation, structural behaviour and adhesion and coatings.



Cord types 

TANIQ has an extensive collection and digital database of cords with various properties, compositions, twists, coatings, etcetera. A selection of cords commonly used:

  • Nylon
  • Aramid
  • Twaron
  • Polyester

In addition TANIQ has developed hybrid cords made with various types of material for optimum product performance. TANIQ's technology has been specialy designed to handle this large variety of cords (as well as rubber compounds). The cords are spiraled on bobbins (spools) and contineusly wound on the products with a winding tool. Special tensioning equipment unwinds the cords of the bobbins and guides the cords under constant tension to the tool.