Robot tools for automated rubber winding of reinforced rubber products

Special Rubber Winding Tools have been developed for automated placement of rubber. TANIQ's technology uses rubber strip winding to enable accurate, efficient and fast automation. Therefore, changing from rubber sheets in the conventional manual process to strips is required. The rubber strip is wound on plastic spools which can be easy loaded on the tool. The rubber tools have been designed for maximum compatibility with different rubber compounds. The tools can be used with various rubber thickness and strip widths. The rubber tools (like the other tools) are continuously improved.



Rubber Winding

The rubber winding tool integrates three functions. The tool keeps the rubber strip at uniform tension and dimensions (strip width, strip thickness) during the winding process. This ensures a consistent rubber layer over the product as designed in the design software. Simultaniously, a pay-out roller guides the strip and ensures accurate placement. In addition, the plastic backing of the rubber strip is automatically peeled off and spooled for easy disposal. Alltogether, the rubber tool ensures consistent and centered placement of the rubber strip on the product.

The tool is controlled through servo motors, drives and sensors, and its settings can be controlled (remotely) through the robot controller. Because of the sensors, the remaining amount of rubber on a spool as well as rubber or backing tape failure is automatically detected. In addition, the XL rubber tool for large hoses is fitted with a cutting device. As a result, the robot automatically cuts and places the rubber when the spool is empty. Whereafter it automatically picks up a tool with a full rubber spool. 

An important factor in the functions of the system, is the link between the different components of TANIQ's robotic automation setups. The design software uses parametric input to calculate the optimum cord reinforcement structure and the rubber and tape layers of the product. The rubber layers are based on the desired product performance and the used rubber compound. The design software will generate a production file that coordinates the robot to manufacture this exact product. In combination with the advanced functions of the rubber tool, the product's rubber layers are manufactured exactly (1:1) as designed.


Rubber Winding Tools

Currently TANIQ provides two standardised tools with customisation options. For the medium Scorpo set-up, the rubber tool is designed for rubber spools with up to 25 kg of rubber. The tool can be used with various strip widths, ranging from 40 to 80 mm. As a result of the tool's design and functions, it is suitable for a large variety of rubber types.

For manufacturing large sized products such as 12 meter long hoses, TANIQ has developed special XL tools. The working principles of the standard tools and XL tools are identical. However, the XL tools are redesigned for higher material output. The XL rubber winding tool can carry 75 kg or rubber with a strip width of 80 to 150 mm. Safety chucks on both sides of the rubber spool, enable fast reloading.