Automated production of reinforced rubber products

To automate the production of reinforced rubber products, TANIQ has developed the Scorpo Robotic system platform. Research and developments has resulted in a reliable automation solution for various applications. A large variation of products can be manufactured with a single robotic system that is capable of automated placement of rubber, reinforcement material and wrapping tape.

The overall design and operation of the robotic systems is identical from one robot cell to the other. However, because of the specific expertise and specialisms of different manufacturers in the industry, the systems can be customised per application and customer. Or completely custom systems can be developed. An overview is provided below.



Custom automation solution platform

The Scorpo systems can be adapted as is, or customised to requirements. To provide an overview of the system:


All setups consists of 8 main components. A flexible industrial robotic arm forms the core of the set-up (1) and places the material with the help of tools. The product is manufactured on an inner mandrel that is rotated with the external axis/mandrel rotator (2). The simultaneous and interconnected movement of the robot arm and mandrel rotator is controlled with the robotic controller unit (3). The set-up is surrounded by an intelligent safety fence (4) with an electronic door connection to the robotic controller unit.

The set-up includes a rubber winding tool (5) for placing a wide variety of rubber strip types on the mandrel. Fibre reinforcement placement on the optimum position is possible with the fibre winding tool (6) and specially developed fibre tensioner (7). Lastly, a pressure tape tool is included (8).  

Customisation possibilities


The standardised Scorpo Robotics can be used as a foundation for a customised setup. Examples of customisation:

  • Robotic arm (model and position)
  • Robotic arm pedestal or track
  • Special tensioner (number of positions)
  • Custom robotic tools
  • Custom tool station (number of tools/positions)
  • Mandrel rotator (axis-length, hight, position and power)
  • General layout of robot cell
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Safety system
  • Doors and fence

In addition, completely custom cells can be developed.


Customisation example gallery


Various robot arm models

  • Weight-class
  • Reach / Size
  • Tool-connector

Scorpo ONE




Scorpo VIRGO




External Axis / Mandrel Rotators

  • Double Axis
  • Servo power
  • Axis positions

Pedestal or Track for robot ar

  • Track / Rails
  • Design / Size
  • Position