Robot tools for automated tape wrapping of reinforced rubber products

The Tape Wrapping Tool is connected to the end of the robot arm. The wrapping tape is wound on plastic spools or a metal axis which can be easily loaded in the tool. The main function is to obtain a high and uniform tension in the wrapping tape during winding to enable a consistent and constant pulling force. This results in a consistent product quality and visual appearance. An extra functionality is unwinding a previously wrapped layer back on the spool. This function is especially useful in winding processes of large diameter hoses with multiple reinforcement layers, which requires wrapping in between the layers to press out trapped air.



Tape Wrapping Tools

Currently TANIQ provides two standardised tools for tape wrapping. For the medium Scorpo set-up, the tape wrapping tool is designed for plastic spools with tape widths ranging from 20 to 40 mm. The tool is equipped with an actively controlled tensioning system (via drives, a servo and sensors) and friction bars to increase the tension. As a result of the tool's design and functions, it provides a consistent tension on the tape while wrapping the product.

For wrapping large sized products such as 12 meter long hoses, TANIQ has developed a special XL tape wrapping tool. The working principles of the standard tool and XL tool are identical. However, the XL tools is redesigned with an electronically controlled brake to provide the pulling force (up to 250 kg) required for wrapping large hoses. This is especially effective against potential trapped air. In addition, a powerful servo is installed to unwrap the hose at high speed. The XL tape wrapping tool is suitable for tapes ranging in width from 80 to 120 mm. Quick-release clamps on both sides of the metal axis, enable fast reloading or the tape.