Rubber expansion joints

Rubber expansion joints are reinforced with fabric reinforced rubber sheets. These rubber expansion joints are also referred to as fabric expansion joints or non-metallic expansion joints. Most expansion joint are manufactured by manual wrapping of fabric reinforced rubber sheets around a mandrel. The fabric is manufactured by weaving high-performance fibers into fabric sheets. For the reinforcement premium fibers such as Twaron, Kevlar, Nomex, Conex, Vectran, Teflon, polyester, and nylon (tire-cord) are used. To increase the fiber to rubber adhesion the fabric is treated with materials like on Resorcinol Formaldehyde Latex (RFL), silanes, and isocyanates. Rubber expansion joints have one or multiple fabric reinforcement layers depending on their field of application. Multi-ply joints generally have an inner support layer of wire mesh or wire-reinforced fabric, an insulating layer of glass fabric, mineral wool or ceramic needlemat, a chemical barrier made from a fluoropolymer, and an outer cover of silicone or fluoropolymer.

TANIQ has developed an automated design and production process for rubber expansion joints. Instead of fabric reinforced rubber sheets, TANIQ applies the fiber reinforcement and the rubber layers in different automated steps. This improves the product performance and reduces production costs. TANIQ focuses especially on expansion joints with one or more rubber bellows or arch design. These can be rubber expansion joints for ducting (compensators) with full rubber flanges, with floating flanges, with a bead ring or expansion joints with straight rubber sleeves. For examples of how TANIQ can improve the reinforcement structure and the manufacturing process for reinforced rubber expansion joints you can visit the next product pages.

Rubber expansion joint - Full rubber flange

Rubber expansion joint - Full rubber flange

Higher working pressures and efficient automated production process.

Rubber expansion joint - sleeve type

Rubber expansion joint - sleeve type

Prediction & control of expansion behavior.

Rubber expansion joint - blow molded

Rubber expansion joint - molded

Material costs reduction and automated production process

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