TANIQ is looking for BSc's, MSc's and Phd's with experience in or affinity with design or production of fibre reinforced products. Knowledge of mechanics and/or software development is preferred. Furthermore TANIQ offers internships and graduation projects for students. Below you can click on the current vacancies for more information. It is also possible to send your open solicitation. If you are interested, send an email to jobs@taniq.com with your CV or fill the form below and we will let you know about the possibilities.


  • Job vacancy - Software/Robotics Engineer TANIQ is looking for engineers (MSc/PhD) to work on the development of their software and robotics platform for the rubber composites industry. The basis for the job vacancy is that you have strong programming skills (preferably Matlab or Python) and that you have affinity with robotics and/or composite product development.  View Job Vacancy


  • Graduation Project MSc TANIQ is looking for talented students from engineering studies to work on new product or technology development. Programming experience in Matlab (or Python) is preferred, since most of TANIQ's algorithms and software are programmed in Matlab. TANIQ has different graduation assignments available related to optimizing composite product designs and robotic production methods. You can contact us to discuss the possibilities.  Read Graduation Assignment MSc [PDF, 612 KB]


  • Internship Projects BSc TANIQ is looking for talented students from engineering studies. We offer a challenging internship were you will work on high-tech product and technology development for international customers. Read Internship Assignment BSc 2017 [PDF, 184 KB]

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