During your production, TANIQ will continue to provide annual maintenance on the equipment and regular updates on the software. Furthermore, TANIQs engineers will be available to assist your personnel with design and production questions. TANIQ is even able to access the equipment (with your permission only) to provide assistance or solve issues remotely. 



Benefit from continues support and platform development

By choosing TANIQs technology you will benefit from future developments of the Technology Platform, which will be offered through regular updates or as optional features. TANIQ spends around 10.000 hours per year on R&D, continuously improving their products (software and equipment) and services (product development and customer assistance). This offers you the opportunity to benefit from future upgrades increasing for example your efficiency or capacity.


How to benefit from TANIQs Technology Platform in the future:

  • -Improve your product following design improvements (e.g. new cord construction) developed by TANIQ
  • Improve your production process (e.g. speed, accuracy) made possible by improved software or hardware adjustments
  • Benefit from extended functionalities only available for TANIQ customers, such as the newly developed FEA Toolbox

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