The future of reinforced rubber production...

Your competition is moving inefficient production methods to low wage countries. You know that road leads to commoditized markets and heavy competition. To be where lasting profits are made you want to outperform your competitors by optimizing your design and production process. Watch the video and envision your future...

... innovate and automate.

These are some results we have achieved together with our customers:

- 80% labour reduction
- 75% material reduction
- Independency from skilled labour
- Increased repeatability

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Reinforced rubber news

New Trelleborg pipe-plug
September 2013 - Trelleborg’s new pipe-plugs are made with TANIQ’s design software and Scorpo™ Robotics equipment. This has....

Rubber expansion joint website
February 2013 - Following the dedicated website for pipe-plug manufacturers TANIQ launched a second website....

Scorpo for large bore hoses
October 2012 - TANIQ has developed Scorpo Robotics to make large bore hoses up to 12 meters....

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