TANIQ has unique technology and expertise in the field of optimal reinforcement structures, digital design and manufacturing of reinforced rubber products. TANIQ uses their expertise to assist manufacturers with product development and optimization. TANIQs experience with product development and their unique technology enables you to develop better products at lower costs.

For the development of your products you can benefit from TANIQs expertise on optimal reinforcement structures, mandrel and tooling concepts, materials (rubbers, reinforcement cords, rubber-to-cord adhesion, etc.), integration of flanges and metal couplings, etc. For the design of your product TANIQs design software will be used. Furthermore, TANIQ's FEA Solutions can be used to analyse your products for different load cases (e.g. burst pressure, maximum movements, stiffness, etc.) before starting with actual prototyping, saving significant time and money. Your prototypes will be built on TANIQs robotic equipment at their prototyping facilities in Rotterdam. 

For development of a new product or improvement of an existing product we can discuss various project approaches depending on your preferences. Typical projects approaches are:

  • Feasibility Study (80-320 hrs, 2-6 months, e.g. including prototype development and testing)
  • FEA Study (10-80 hrs, 2-8 weeks, design and analysis of your product in a digital environment)

Read more in the section below about these project forms, or read references from other manufacturers about their experiences with TANIQ.



Feasibility Study: Benefit from TANIQ's expertise for your product development

Our experience is that objectives and specifications change during development based on forthcoming insights. Therefore, using agile development principles enables to adapt easily on new priorities and obtain the maximum possible result within a given budget and time. Agile product development means that the budget/hours are predetermined and the scope and key results of the project are formulated prior to the project. However, the exact activities and direction is determined during the project based on progress, results and new insights. During weekly meetings the results and key results are discussed and accordingly the requirements and focus are revisited and re-prioritized. In this way, our Clients have a weekly overview of the results and progress and can determine their priorities based on forthcoming insights. A typical product development project takes 3-6 months depending on your specifications.


The following steps and activities are typical for the product development project: 

  • Product design
  • Product performance analysis using FEA software
  • Making product prototypes (using our robotic equipment)
  • Prototype testing (e.g. burst pressure and life cycle tests)
  • Calculating production times and material costs
  • Return-on-investment calculation of a customised automation system
  • Feasibility study report

FEA Study: Analyze and compare designs before actual prototyping and testing

Many manufacturers are interested in using FEA to analyze their products, but don’t have the required expertise and software in-house. Therefore, TANIQ offers FEA Studies wherein we will develop your product model, and analyze its behavior for different load cases for you.  TANIQ can analyze the results and present them to you in an understandable manner. TANIQ's expertise of reinforced rubber products and FEA possibly also enables them to provide you with advice for design improvements. With an FEA Study you can analyze your product for various load cases, such as:

  • Burst pressure prediction (maximum fibre tensile strength)
  • Analysis of (local) stress concentrations
  • Stiffness responses/ load displacement curves
  •  Failure mode prediction
  • Maximum movement capacity (axial compression/elongation, lateral deformation)
  •  Surface sealing (e.g. leakage)
  • Buckling